Are you leaving money on the table?

Single Source Management takes telecom recovery to the next level but makes it personal. We identify billing mistakes, order processing errors, overcharges, tariff violations, contract non-compliances, overlooked rebates, unearned discounts, unclaimed recovery of refunds as well as overpayment of taxes and other surcharges. We use our expertise to correct telecom invoices, identify any over-payments and recover credits and refunds from the service providers. We file the disputes with the service providers and work for you to track the recovery of funds until they are received.

Negotiating the refund of overcharges with vendors is an often frustrating and lengthy process. Very few telecom employees are expected to have the knowledge to deal with the multiple telecom billing formats, various service types and classes of services. There are hundreds of different billing systems, billing formats, billing codes (USOC’s) as well as wired and wireless rate plans that constantly change.

SSM makes a detailed analysis to ensure errors are identified and collect what is due back to our partners.

Our expertise, unique methodology and software are important but customer service and relationships are the key to our success. Within 60-90 days of “Go-Live” most all our clients can see measurable savings that will continue to improve your company's bottom line.

When service changes need to be implemented or when your needs dictate change in your telecom structure, we are always available to manage or negotiate any new contracts or service implementations immediately. Reports for all (MACDs) moves, adds, changes and disconnects are documented and provided regularly.