Project Management Services

Let SSM simplify your telecom management!

We are service driven and results-oriented. Our experienced staff is ready to assist you at all phases of planning, design, installation, and maintenance. You need a powerful converged telecommunications network for voice, video and data telecom systems. We have the experienced team and relationships to ensure that your needs are handled as quickly as possible.

Whether you are adding, moving or simply looking to get the best value for your telecom needs, we are positioned to find the best solutions and get your company the best results. We will handle any aspect of the RFP process and save you time by vetting a variety of vendors to find the best advantage for your company. By allowing vendors to compete for your business your company is assured incomparable project management

Your projects are delivered successfully; on time! We know what the most important success criteria are and we do what it takes to make sure each project meets those objectives. Here is what we think is important for successful telecommunications management:

  • Budget Guidelines
  • Project Schedules Met
  • Quickly process MACD’s (Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects)
  • Minimize Service Interruptions
  • Timely Deliverable