Franchise Services

Why spend thousands of hours negotiating contracts like other franchises have done?

Often that negotiation revolves around the specific goods that franchise sells and the individual services needed to make sure the business is successful. As franchises grow, so does the need for expertise in certain areas along with the overhead to find and keep subject matter experts.

Without in-house expertise, the expenses associated with telecommunications and technology are left to the vendors to dictate in their, often, one-sided contracts. Growth and acquisition mergers mean devising ways to stay on top of those needs as the paradigms change.

Single Source management's team brings over 60 years of contract negotiation and expense management experience to the table to keep the cost associated with growth to a minimum without sacrificing quality. SSM offers:

  • Contract Negotiations for MSA’s (Master Service Agreements)
  • Identifies only the services you need
  • Verified Rates and services against contracts
  • Resolves Billing issues and negotiates refunds
  • Project management for opening new locations
  • Historic audit and review of all communication and technology services
  • Online Portal for asset management of
    • Services and IP information
    • Contract Expiration Dates
    • Trouble Tickets
    • More...
  • Invoice Processing
  • Improve Visibility and Control of Expenses