Inventory Documentation Services

Too often, growing businesses are not equipped to manage growing communication expenses and can end up overpaying through hard to decipher documentation.

SSM finds savings opportunities for our clients in four primary areas:

  • Recovery of overpayment
  • Cost Reductions & Rate Corrections
  • Contract negotiations
  • The elimination of unnecessary services

The tasks associated with contract renewals, negotiations and expirations can be daunting. Maintaining documentation of all aspects of the vendor contracts include:

  • Installation Specifications
  • Service Variations of IP, VOIP, and MPLS
  • Contract Renewals, Expirations and Green Clauses
  • Inventory of Network Devices
  • Service Delivery Methods (DSL, Cable, Wireless, etc.)

Decentralized policies, remote offices, asset acquisition and lack of experienced resources all contribute to the need for centralized and experienced contract management. Automatic renewals and non-contracted rates as well as the lack of centralized management and purchasing can lead to inflated prices and unmanageable service plans.

SSM’s experienced team will control and maintain precise inventory data, contracts and service records to guarantee optimal use of all communication services.